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Gilgal was established to provide an oasis from the stresses of daily life where you and your family can unwind at a 40-acre Christian based haven located on Harry James Creek in lovely St. Mary's County, Maryland.



A History of Gilgal

By following the will of God, the children of Israel entered into the "rest and promise" of God (Hebrews 3:18).

"Gilgal was the name of the first lodging, or resting place, for the Children of Israel after they crossed over the River Jordan into the Promised Land. Two stone monuments, each consisting of 12 stones from the Jordan River and representing the twelve tribes of Israel, were erected to commemorate the crossing over, and to remind the people of God that God is almighty and keeps His promises. One was erected on the wilderness side of the Jordan, and the other erected on the Gilgal side.

The Hebrew word translation of Gilgal means "place of rolling". All the past sins of the people were rolled away and they stayed in Canaan on resurrected territory. The result of their stay at Gilgal was a time of illumination, rest, encouragement, and great rejoicing. It was at Gilgal that the people of God gained insight and strength for the days of conquest that lay ahead. The people of God recommitted themselves to God and convenanted with one another to remain faithful, setting aside the unfaithfulness of their fathers and mothers.

Thus Gilgal was a place of reconnecting with God and family. It was also here that the angelic Divine Commander of God's Army appeared to Joshua to assure him that God was in command of the upcoming battles, and that together, they would be victorious. This Biblical story is found in Joshua, Chapters 3-5.

Please note:  Gilgal will not be taking reservations as of October 2017 until further notice.